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We offer this Temple Management Software in a user friendly way, so every people can use this Software very easily. Priests in Malaysia are required to follow the manual procedures with respect to temple stores and accounting. We have analyzed a lot of temples and their management process, to identify how they maintain their complete administration and their reports.

After a deep study & research, we created a solution for your temple management software requirement. The software provides you with all the tools you need to automate and streamline your back office systems in one package.



The temple management software has many features integrated and makes the user to reduce the time and reduce the manual mistakes. This temple software is user-friendly, and the user who is having basic knowledge in computer usage can operate this software. Our software makes it much easier & flexible to access in temple management software. We have one of the best temple management software in Kuala Lumpur.



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Our Temple Management Software reduces time and those operations which involve repetition and extensive labour.

Once an invoice is generated, you have the complete control to edit and customize as per your specific need and generate daily sales reports and produce quality MIS reports instantly with this software and you can also track of outstanding invoices.

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Our Packages

Temple Management Software is a trending software with a vision of achieving new innovative heights in the field of software development.

Every year, in order to produce high-quality solutions that meet requirements, our experienced software professionals will do a detailed analysis of temple management and its administrative procedures.

Our skilled team of technologists can comprehend all of your software needs for the temple and turn them into a brilliant software.

Our product is the best according to industry standards, produced using high end technologies, and delivered ahead of schedule and within budget.

Basic package

  • Archanai
  • Archanai Report
  • Product Selling
  • Product Report
  • Hall Booking
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Intermediate package

  • Ubayam
  • Ubayam Report
  • Cash Donation
  • Product Donation
  • Inventory / Stocks
  • Commission Splitting (Iyer)
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Advanced Package

Basic + Intermediate
  • Complete Account System (Balance sheet, Trial Balance, Ledger, Account Reconciliation, Journal Report)
  • Payroll, Payslip, Payment Voucher, Receipt Voucher, Journal Voucher
  • Temple Website
  • Temple Membership Management
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